Duct tape, the hundreds of uses

This stuff is better than sliced bread as the saying goes. Here is a list of things I have used duct tape for , note not all are advisable but here goes:

  • emergency broken car window
  • patching holes in glass windows
  • duct taping my  wallet – note check that your cash doesn’t stick in it
  • motor seat rip repairing
  • as a plaster over cut , remember the tissue on the cut first
  • rv fridge shelves door repairing
  • heard it this stuff goes on every space mission
  • making bicycle rack for carrier
  • for repairing and in fact even making shoes
  • repairing leaking boat or kayak
  • making a kiteduct flow
  • repair your vacuum hose
  • hem your pants or dress
  • repair the book binding
  • ever heard of a duct tape car roof rack , it can be done
  • for waxing ( ouch !)
  • to make a drinking cup
  • holding plugs in socket
  • for taping door side-view mirror on car after knocking it off against a pole
  • in fact you can even tape a car door back on after an accident , just don’t expect it to open easily
  • water sealing just about anything
  • feel like a fashion designer , well you can make pants , top , hat and jewelery
  • halloween costumes , complete with swords or tin hats
  • patch holes in your meshing or tent canvas
  • even make toys
  • repairing sewerage piping

Some other uses which i have not personally tried out :

  • vet used duct tape and pvc pipping to make a cast for a calf
  • sticking down tiles
  • sticking up signage
  • bathtub repairs
  • repair bicycle tyre
  • repair your plastic bumper
  • put up curtains without screws
  • jeans zipper broken , tape it up
  • duct tape boxes together to make clothes shelving
  • repair canopy for your soft top
  • make a ladder with sticks
  • chair seat lattice work
  • fixing holes in dry-walling
  • duct taping the tv antenna at just the right angle to get reception
  • in fact make an airplane skin
  • upholstery repairs
  • turn your beer can into a mug of beer with a handle. ductmirror

So do you have any suggestions of your own to add , well let me know




Why do basketball courts have fancy HVAC systems ?

As kids we were always told to get outside and play , get away from the television screen.

Our folks were always complaining that we will have square eyes and big fat rear ends, get off that couch and get some exercise in the fresh air.
Frozen baskeball
What is the point of air conditioning the basketball courts then, just ask?

It really doesn’t make sense just canned air being piped into your lungs from those alien looking air ducts. But it certainly does promote that the Texas basketball sport can be played by the youths still in school all year round. Even if it is 100 degrees outside, your kids can run around the court having fun and not keel over from heat exhaustion.

No matter the weather , there is no excuse for the teenagers of all ages to be watching tv or hanging on the street corner. Let the sport of basketball teach them the life lessons you don’t have time to teach them ,as you are busy slaving away at a job to pay for everything they will need.

Those life skills include things like teamwork , friendship, love , health , pride , passion and commitment.

Rather get the basketball courts fitted out with full quality heating ventilation and air conditioning systems for their enjoyment.

Imagine there is a forecast for ice and sleet , the kids and in fact you can dress in the latest design basketball togs and play a bit of one on one , two on two or full team games at your local court that is comfortably warm.

You don’t have to worry about getting frost bite in winter and avoid the pins and needles or finger amputation, or blowing mist clouds.

In summer you and your mates can get out of the sun and avoid that horrid sunglasses tan , or as I like to call it the Rudolph red nose.

This way you also don’t need to apply suntan lotion that will run into your eyes and help your opponents get the upper hands; nor do you need to smell like a pina colada. In the cooler months you don’t need big thick jackets and gloves.

Christmas trees in Texas

xmas tree 1chocolate xmas tree For my job I am on the road quite a lot and I have been thinking that while the houses all look beautiful with all their Xmas decorative lights, it seems to get more commercial every year.

Also the joy of getting an actual Christmas tree is lost on me , you have to find someone selling them , get the giant tree home , without breaking too many of the branches , without scratching your car. Then drag the tree into your house.

Practice your engineering skills to get that tree to stand straight up. Not exhausted yet, but in serious need of a beer. You are sweating , even though it is only 45 degrees outside.

Now it is time to nag the kids to get the decorations down from the attic and put them on the tree. While you go and clean your car of all the pine needles that are decorating your car like a pincushion. Of course your vacuum cleaner will not take out the needles , so you end up pulling them out by handle each and every little one of them.

Then you move back into the house to clean up the pine needles that fell out as you were carrying the tree into the house. So now you are on your hands and knees pulling out the pine needle for your carpets ;( you are not feeling the holiday cheer now. I haven’t even mentioned getting rid of the tree after the festive season.

Now none of us like the plastic trees but have you ever thought about making it a holiday tradition to build and design your own tree as a family. You will be amazed how a coin of silver spray paint and glitter can transform everyday items into something special like a new Christmas tree.

Below are a couple of examples of different Christmas trees.xmas tree cones

Welcome to my new blog

Welcome to my blog , I will share with you all my home improvement woes and joys and a small smattering of tips of what not to do 😉

I have paid the expensive school lessons of life so you can have a small giggle about my adventures and promise me not to do the same as me.

I welcome from you any of your shared stories of pain and suffering and stupidity of home improvement.