Christmas trees in Texas

xmas tree 1chocolate xmas tree For my job I am on the road quite a lot and I have been thinking that while the houses all look beautiful with all their Xmas decorative lights, it seems to get more commercial every year.

Also the joy of getting an actual Christmas tree is lost on me , you have to find someone selling them , get the giant tree home , without breaking too many of the branches , without scratching your car. Then drag the tree into your house.

Practice your engineering skills to get that tree to stand straight up. Not exhausted yet, but in serious need of a beer. You are sweating , even though it is only 45 degrees outside.

Now it is time to nag the kids to get the decorations down from the attic and put them on the tree. While you go and clean your car of all the pine needles that are decorating your car like a pincushion. Of course your vacuum cleaner will not take out the needles , so you end up pulling them out by handle each and every little one of them.

Then you move back into the house to clean up the pine needles that fell out as you were carrying the tree into the house. So now you are on your hands and knees pulling out the pine needle for your carpets ;( you are not feeling the holiday cheer now. I haven’t even mentioned getting rid of the tree after the festive season.

Now none of us like the plastic trees but have you ever thought about making it a holiday tradition to build and design your own tree as a family. You will be amazed how a coin of silver spray paint and glitter can transform everyday items into something special like a new Christmas tree.

Below are a couple of examples of different Christmas trees.xmas tree cones

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